Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10 changes to NHL system

SLAM! Sports (article)

A little NHL stuff before I grab some sleep.

In a few weeks, the new NHL will be upon us and it will be a profoundly different animal from the one we have all grown to despise.
Forget about goalie pads and red lines. Those are cosmetics. Here are 10 ways the league will be different.

The most interesting being:

3. The mother of all free-agency seasons is coming. With buyouts and teams walking away from qualifying, perhaps as much of 40% of the league's personnel will be changing addresses. Agents have been figuring out who is on the block for the past year. Expect an initially tepid flow of players changing teams to give way to a flood of movement. We are talking about the closest thing to a rotisserie draft ever held in pro sports.

What team is going to get dismantled? Colorado.
Oh well, tis better to have an average Avs team than no NHL at all.


hockeyfrog said...

Well hopefully some players will be all "hmm, I can take a paycut of a mil... or 6... I like the Avs."

I like the whole mention of cheaper tickets possibly.

I do not like how it was not mentioned if that god awful net design passed or not.

The Math Ninja said...

I thought that maybe we'd see less European players. Anyway though, it sounds okay to me. As long as they get TV time for thier games, we should be watching hockey this fall, neh?