Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Usually I am all for corporations sponsoring things which benefit the public. But this may be a little bit too much. This company makes machines that clean beaches and then prints ads in the sand of whoever is paying for the clean-up. It is a good service, and it is something that is needed, but I just don�t like the logo being printed time after time after time...

The point is to clean the beach for �free�, but really isn�t just looking at logo for miles just as much of an eyesore as a bunch of trash? What do you think?


Big Red Lance said...

Ookami -- I like this idea a lot. OK, so I realize that lots of advertisement space kind of sucks, but look at it this way:

--The beaches get cleaned
--Doesn't cost the taxpayers one dime
--Company gets advertising space
--People can enjoy the beach

I'll take a clean, advertisement cluttered beach over a dirty, ad-free beach any day.


The Math Ninja said...

The ad is ugly. But it probably doesn't last that long. I can imagine a kid purposely ruining all the ads it can, just cause its fun.