Thursday, June 30, 2005

IE vs FireFox

This one is for all of you that are in the FireFox cult.

When you see this what do you think?

What about this?

Both make me mad, but at least a web page not displaying properly in FireFox is understandable, FireFox has not been around as long as IE, so support could still be on it’s way. What is worse is that the same people that complain to no end about a site that does not support FireFox, purposely makes sites that do not work in IE. This is retardness at its prime.
Instead of making the internet accessible to everyone, this new FireFox cult, under the flag of "All browsers should work on every webpage", purposely makes part of the internet inaccessible unless you have their program. To me that sounds like insanity.
Personally I use FireFox unless I have to use IE, I think that FireFox does what it does well, but it still has it's down sides (for one it really eats memory). All I am saying is that every web designer should work to make the internet available to all, instead of making their web pages one browser only. Is that too much to ask?

The no FireFox support site here.
No IE support site here.

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hockeyfrog said...

The first image makes me go "um, why were you bothering with an MTV site anyway?"

The second makes me giggle.

I'm one of those that believes websites should be cross-browser compatible.. one of the very few reasons I even keep an IE shortcut hidden in my quicklauncher. The only issue with doing cross-browser compatibility is that it is easier to reach the masses because when you get Windows XP these days, you can't even get past the startup without it saying "do you want to start your XP passport?" which.. gasp, is IE launching itself to do things. Its integrated into the OS.

Its not necessarily hard to make a webpage Firefox (its all one word, first letter lowercase, but I'll let that slide) compatible, but to make it work across the board does take some time and effort. So its easy to take the lamer way out and put a "we're sorry but you're not one of the drones.. I mean... you're not using IE therefore this page will not load properly." (blah blah blah) Granted my sites I do usually aren't that big that cross-compatibility takes up that much time... but for those like the people at MTV that have a site with hundreds of thousands of pages of content within them, it doe start to cause an issue. It also doesn't help that CSS was patented by Microsoft, even though they have made it so that you don't have to sign an agreement to use it. Much of the code SHOULD work in all browsers but there are a few bits and pieces that only work in IE (damn you proprietary software!). Makes it hard.

That made my head hurt, i'm going to bed.