Tuesday, June 14, 2005

SaveSURGE.org - Vault (blargticle)

Coke is testing, in select locations, a new soda called Vault. And Coke has said before that they are testing the old Surge formula. So what do the experts say about Vault being Surge just repackaged? Maybe.

The problem is that it has been so long that anyone has tasted a *fresh* Surge that they can not be sure that Vault is Surge until Cake says it is so. But at the moment it really looks like Vault is Surge.

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Anonymous said...

its typical of Anime to use real company names and logos and simply change one letter. I was watching Witch Hunter Robin the other day and at one point noticed a "Bepsi" and "Cock" vending machines. Being the anti-coke person I am, I laughed a lot.