Thursday, June 09, 2005

The WHA is not dead???

The Official Website of The World Hockey Association (article)

Park Hill Capital II, Inc. a US public company soon to be publicly trading on a US exchange, announced today that after several months of confidential negotiations, it will acquire the World Hockey Association and the US Pro Golf Tour to create a complete professional sports marketing and management company to be renamed Major League Sports Corporation.

So a company bought the WHA and a golf tour... why would someone buy the WHA? They are a dead idea, and unless this company is made to fail, I see no reason to buy the WHA... well maybe it only cost like $15, and then I guess it would be worth it just to say you own it.
But it looks like the WHA is still determined to start playing hockey. Even after just forgetting to do their tourney, they still say they will play a season this year with at least six teams. So they missed a tournament, but they still think they can pull off a league... maybe it only cost $10 to buy the WHA.

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newgen said...

hmmm...WHA and PGA...that could be fun...especially if they combine the two sports. we could call it golfey or holf. happy gilmore anyone?