Monday, June 20, 2005

After breakfast Nicole and I decided to see if we could find Andy in his new office. (Andy recently became the *head* of the GIS department for Garden City and Finney County.) We found his office in the basement of the Garden City civic building. He was surprised to see us; he knew that we were coming up, but he didn�t know when, or that we were going to stop by. His office is very nice, he has a full desk, a conference table, another full desk for an intern, and a plasma TV (!). We ended up sitting around his office for about two hours (some of the time was spent looking around the place while he was talking on the phone). Since it looked like he needed to get *some* work done in the morning, we decided to meet for lunch at Lone Star.

Nicole and I grabbed a quick hour nap and then met Andy for lunch, which turned out really good (they always have the best steaks), and with a coupon he had lunch turned out cheaper than breakfast. After lunch Nicole and I went to Hastings (read more here), then back to my mom�s to catch up on sleep.

PBSE: +100

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