Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Last night we were getting very hungry, so we (Nicole, Chris, Jenette, and I) went over to Pizza Hut to restock our freezer of pizza. It was funny to see the reaction of the waitress when we all ordered our own pizza, as well as a family order of cheesesticks (which was our actual meal). If you need quick lunches leftover Pizza Hut pizza is the awesome, and a large stuffed crust pizza is $10 and makes four lunches. $2.50 a lunch, that's a good deal.


Peach said...

Leftover Pizza Hut is the BEST! They should start a frozen food line. They'd make a mint off of me!

Ookami Snow said...

I never have thought about that, but yes they should make frozen pizza. I bet it would be very good.