Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today was the third week for the Warhammer campaign at Patch and Crows (thus mission 23 from Project: BSE will be completed no matter how it goes from here on). Today Nicole and I played a scenario where we tried to poison a water well. We accomplished our objective quick enough, but when we tried to get off the board we got blasted by magic and we were barely able to pull out a draw in the battle. It was a fun game, and Tomas (sp?) is a fun person to play against.
After playing at Patch and Crows, Nicole and I came home to eat lunch, but our power was out, so we went to Panera. At Panera I tried to get onto the internet there, but to no avail. So after lunch I went over to Chris' to use his spiffy new internet, but there too I could not get on the internet. So my attempts at getting on the wireless internet with my 'new' lappy will stop, it is just too frustrating.
After playing around at Chris' I just came home a played a little bit of the Sims.
It�s been a fun day so far. (In general)

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