Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I got this noodle bowl at the Super Target in Lawrence. In the bowl there were two seasoning pouches, one dry and one oily. After heating the noodles up in the microwave you add both seasoning pouches and enjoy. So was it good?
Well, I do have to say that it was not very good for me (60% of my sodium for the day), which means that, yes, it was very good. I think the trick to making good noodles is to include a packet of oily stuff, because there must be something in there that tastes good (or is it just mind control serum?). Either way, I will be looking for ramen that has liquid flavoring pouches from now on.


hockeyfrog said...

Supposedly there is some amazing ramen at the international food store here in town, the seasoning is in a paste. I've heard amazing things about it, though I've never eaten it. I'll ask around about it.

The Math Ninja said...

We just may have to go to the International Student Mart again. It's been a while.

Braveharte said...

Hey when you come here will go to the Asian food market here with the best ramen ever!

Anonymous said...

Geez. REally, don't ever buy ramen thats packaging is in English. You have all been fooled with imitation ramen. I have yet to buy an asian ramen pack that didn't have at least 2 packets (some have up to 6). Standard is a powder, and a thick-viscous goooey packet. Others often have dried veggies, oils, hot sauces, vinegers, etc. Ramen also comes in a variety of different noodles (spinach, egg, 'normal', buckwheat, etc). I'll gladly pay a dollar for good ramen (I'll be eating some tonight while watching footie).