Monday, June 13, 2005

More productive my butt.

Aha! I have regained my superpower of the internet. The storms that we have been going through the area every six or so hours for the last 3 or 4 days has been wrecking havoc on my internet connection, and I have not been able to connect to the internet for more than a day (hence the no new posts here). Well I called HomeStar down at telecom, and as soon as he started to talk my internet connection started to work again, and he said he didn't do anything... HomeStar is cool.
Anyways my summer day sans internet sucked, watching TV meant flipping through channels (instead of checking TitanTV to see if anything good was on), checking out the weather meant watching NBC for their small weather map (instead of going to which I have our radar bookmarked), and trying to make plans involved talking on the phone (instead of Y! messenger). So a lot of my time yesterday was spent doing things the 'old fashioned' way, and it sucked.

People say "think how much more productive people would be without TV, phones and internet.
I say: "yeah right"

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hockeyfrog said...

I'd definitely be less productive. All communication would be lost!