Monday, June 20, 2005

After getting a couple more hours of sleep, Nicole, Michelle, my mom and I went out to Target, for something... I forget what. Anywho the progress on Target is moving along nicely, and I think the updates are looking good. Somehow Pickle is working on the Target, but I am kinda foggy on how (did he do the plans? If you know drop me a line... *cough, cough* Julia). After Target went when back to my mom�s, watched my new Futurama DVDs and slept.

On Saturday we woke up around one and ate lunch with the normal GC crew +Jenette and Chris (they drove up Friday night). After lunch we headed off to the church, or el churcho, as they call it.

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Braveharte said...

Yes Mike did the structural design (i.e. he basically made sure that the new refrigerators could be put in without the building falling down). Not too much structural stuff on the remodel.