Monday, June 20, 2005

After playing a couple rounds of the game we decided to check out Andys new place before heading back up to Manhappiness. Since Andy got his promotion he was able to afford to move into a new duplex-development. (Ironically owned by Newgens parents company.) In short, Andys new house rocks. Not that it is anything too special, but anything compared to my living hole is fantastic. He has a backyard, two bedrooms, and get this, a kitchen (crazy, I know). Maybe next time I visit Garden I�ll stay at his house, so his spare bedroom gets some use.

After staying at Andy�s long after we should have left we finally made the trek back up here. We got here around 5am on Sunday morning and quickly went to sleep upon arriving. Today we played Warhammer down at P&C and then ate lunch at Chipotle. Unfortunately after lunch we came back home and fell asleep, only to wake up at 10pm... which means our almost normal sleep cycle is now totally messed up again, oh well, thats summer. ^_^

PBSE: +500

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