Thursday, June 09, 2005

Research shows benefits of affirmative action (article)

Just incase you though racism was over:

After looking at more than 124,000 applicants to elite universities, Thomas J Espenshade and Chang Y Chung concluded that ignoring race in admissions would result in dramatic declines in the number of African-Americans and Hispanics.
Removing consideration of race would have little effect on white students - their acceptance rate would rise by only 0.5 percentage points. Asian students would fill nearly four out of every five places in the admitted class not taken by African-American and Hispanic students.

Tell me why ignoring race would be considered racist by some in this case?


Braveharte said...

See the biggest problem is that standardized tests are biased toward white males (since they were designed and tested on white males). Additionally, minorities often have less extracurricular activities due to their need to work and their lack of money. These are two big factors in college admission which are taken into consideration when they apply. The racism is not so much in the admissions but in the tests that the admissions are based on. Now you'd think that you could redesign the test so that it was more fair overall, but that would be entirely too easy. On a different note, having mixed races even if they are not "as qualified" is beneficial to both the minorities and the schools. Ethnic diversity provides a breadth of experience and encourages new generations to work harder.

The Math Ninja said...

From my class last semester, the reason the teacher reported that ignoring race was bad is because it obviously exists. An African American is black. If you ignore that (and this parta kind of depends on the person) then you are ignoring their past, thier culture. It's kind of a stretch (and not fully related to your post).

Ookami Snow said...

But we are still judging people on race, this is racism. Is it not?