Monday, February 26, 2007


You know what your day needs more of? Killing zombies.

That is why I suggest you stop doing whatever you are doing right now... well besides reading my blog, keep doing that, but stop doing whatever else, and check out the game called Boxhead.

Basically you are trying to kill a bunch of zombies with various weapons. You move around with the arrow keys and you shoot with the space bar. Throughout the game you get better weapons and equipment, which you can select with the number keys. It has all the makings of an awesome game. (i.e. zombies + guns)

Hurry though, zombies are attacking and it is up to you to kill them all. Don't let us all down by doing other less important things like "work" or "studying", they are zombies and if you don't kill them who will? Save us!


Shanshu said...


I can't play this game at work. My stupid firewall blocked it.

I effing hate that. It's like they KNOW I'm trying to waste time.

Anamika Anyone said...

Its addictive.. I see zombies everywhere now..

Think Frustrated said...

I was playing "Boxhead More Rooms" at work for a week. I was seriously addicted. I actually had to go to rehab, and switch to heroin, just to get off of it.

Anonymous said...

You can play all of the Boxhead games at Kill The Zombies!