Friday, February 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton on Profits

Just in case you run a business and you want Hillary Clinton to be elected as President:

That's right, if you make too much money she wants to take your profits and make a fund to destroy your company.

Yay! A giant step towards communism!


The Gare Bear said...

I just heard this on Rush Limbaugh. Seriously, we are all up against a brick wall and the top bricks are coming down. When will the overweight, apathetic, spoiled brat public "get it" and start supporting an alternative party that still believes in freedom? Hillary's comments are symptomatic of most of the Democratic party -- and I think they should distance themselves from her. I can't believe anyone whould spout Hillary's kind of crap and not be subject to an immediate recall election. Let's see Hillary drill for oil -- oh yeah, oil is environmental disaster no. 1. I bet she doesn't even rely for a minute on natural gas or oil. Maybe she has a small corn-based alcohol lamp in her teepee to keep her warm. (No oil or natural gas was used to make the glass in the alcohol lamp, and no animals were harmed to make the teepee). It is interesting, all she has to do is open her mouth and all kinds of garbage comes out. Too bad, she's really a very smart, scheming, conniving person that could put her intelligence into something really constructive. It's all about power.

Irene said...

Oh my gosh. Does she even realize what she says? I hope everyone with half a brain and who can read between the line votes to keep her out of the white house. She was there 8 years too long already.
Scarey to think there is a possiblity of Bill Clinton being in the white house in any way again.

Anonymous said...

You're a total douchebag.

You obviously don't have a clue about the huge giveaways lavished on the oil companies over the past 6-7 years by Bush, Delay, and other oil friendly repulicans.

Ookami Snow said...

But the fact still remains, she stated that since the oil companies made too much money they should have all their profits taken. I don't think she mentioned any other reason as to why.

p.s. At least leave your name if you are going to call me names. I would just delete your comment since I do not like juvenile name calling, but statements like yours really gets people on my side.

The Gare Bear said...

RE: the douchebag comment -- to whoever left the comment -- if you really believe in your viewpoint, why do you have to be anonymous to say it. Have an opinion and own it.

Ari Fleischer said...

Dear Douchebag,

Turns out you're also intellectually dishonest - Hillary never said anyhting close to this "that since the oil companies made too much money they should have all their profits taken" - she simply didn't - you know it and I know it.

It really doens;t matter what she says on a any subject because you already vehemently hate this lady so you and other conservative DB's will play your game of intellectual dihonesty and fake outrage.

P.S. You're a tool.

Dana Perino said...

Leave my name? I'm exchnaging posts with people named Gare Bear and Ookami Snow. I'll pass on leaving my name as long as you control which posts of mine you'll keep up there and as long as you aren't using your name.

Ookami Snow said...

I am not a Republican, I am a Libertarian. There are things about the republican platform that I do not agree with too. I do not like Hilliary because I think she is out only for herself, and I would much rather see Obama make it out of the primaries.

But if you would leave me a link to your blog I would like to look to see what you have to say, and why you think Hillary is the right choice for president.

Finally, thank you for reading through my blog and leaving comments on various posts about President Bush. You may not like what I have to say but at least you read it.

Marlin Fitzwater said...

It is good times reading this I will agree with that.

Irene said...

Nice thing about being an American is we are all entitled to our own opinions on politics, religion and anything else that our freedom allows. But it is sad... not to mention childish... when someone cannot express thier opinion without name calling and partially uninformed comments. I'm very impressed that you didn't steep to the same level. Good job! I AM a republican And Mrs Clinton would make a lousy president... in my opinion!