Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 3 Results.

For Round 3 only the lower blogs had to duke it out. I can tell we are getting somewhere because I am having to pick between two blogs that I like and I want both to move on -but alas I must choose only one. After this round only half of the starting blogs remain. So here is how they shake out:

33. Stressful Times for Psyc Girl vs. Sara With No H
Psyc Girl had a discussion with "Parent" and now is excited about graduate school, which is a good thing. Sara has to contend with "Lake Ziermendorf" which usually is contained within her garage, but sometimes it spills it's banks and floods the house. The solution is to get a tarp with some hoses and do something (besides get frustrated, i think).
Winner: Sara With No H

34. "Brevity is... wit." vs. A Gentleman's C
Neel (Brevity) mentions the Academy Awards (which is a theme for this round), but more importantly decides to call the movie "Black Snake Moan" "the Sexrocist", which is very funny. Angry Prof. (A Gentleman's C) got an email that started with the salutation of "Lotus flowers," and the email didn't get any better from there...
Winner: "Brevity is... wit."

35. Leisure Pursuit vs. Whole Lotta Trouble
Valerie (Leisure Pursuit) mentions the Academy Awards and also talks about a thing she saw on Oprah were a boy who left his country because of war finds a girl he likes at a camp, who he takes a picture with, then has to leave. Years later he finds her again in Canada, and then Oprah has them meet on the show, and it is a whole ball of happiness. Callie (Whole Lotta Trouble) talks about the Academy Awards, specifically how the people dressed. Let me tell you some of the lady-folk wore some impressively ugly stuff.
Winner: Leisure Pursuit

36. Jeremy Freese's Weblog vs. Legally Blonde
Jeremy thinks of a way to improve student relations at the graduate level, that being to make a survey and post the result on the internet so that people shopping for a school can see the results. Also he talks about the evils of girl scout cookies and also if the owner of a pit bull named Fatal was really surprised that it attacked a kid. Meanwhile, Elle mentions the Academy Awards, and then lays down the law that people should not yell across Blockbusters at each other. Then goes on the describe the fun times with her crackhead (her words, not mine) uncle, and they do sure sound like fun times... actually they are pretty funny, if it isn't happening to you.
Winner: Legally Blonde

37. Sniper Kitty vs. Gimchi
Kat renamed (?) her blog Spit it Out and has a recipe posted about fruit on top of fish. Which is good enough to beat Kimberlina who did not have an update.
Winner: Sniper Kitty

38. I Think, Therefore I am Frustrated. vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
I Think had no update, so Nina (Other Side) was free to talk about anything that she wanted. She chose to discuss the recent snow storm and buying a house or a condo. At last check she is trying to get people to talk her in to buying a condo.
Winner: The Other Side of the Ocean

39. Shrinkykitten vs. Phantom Scribbler
Shrinkykitten muses that the Republicans are short on God fearing Presidential candidates. She is also taking bets on how long a glass of water will stay out before it gets cleaned up, I've got the high guess right now at 4 months. Mama (Phantom Scribbler) has taken a leap of faith and bought a Mac laptop to replace her rapidly deteriorating Windows lappy. Only time will tell if she can save all of her files off of the old computer before it dies.
Winner: Phantom Scribbler

40. The Lost Scribblings Of A Virtual Gypsy vs. Everybody Knows
Anamika bought a $120 Indian movie. And is happy about it. I think there might be something wrong with her, maybe a checkup at the doctors office might be in order. But then again Everybody Knows discusses how relatives used to eat squirrels and that Red Hot is a good cleaner of grout on the floor. In the paring of strangeness I think Everybody Knows just eeks it out to be a bit more strange.
Winner: Everybody Knows

I will have the parings for round 4 posted soon.


Kat said...

Holy Shit that rocks! Look out jiggsy. I love you but I'll eat you. I wonder if you're good with fruit.

Valerie said...

whew! i made it through another round. i'm so happy!

Anamika Anyone said...

First, a correction:Rupees. 120 rupees. I'm in India,you know.

Second, a pout.

Third, a tantrum.

Finally, congrats to the winner!

All in 30 seconds or less.Nice to have been in the fest!

Ookami Snow said...

@Anamika- ah 120 rupees, OK that makes way more sense. And thank you for having a good blog, it is getting so late in the competition now that a lot of the blogs that I like are getting knocked out. I think everybody that made it past the second round has a very good blog, yours included.

Think Frustrated said...

If I had known I was in a contest, I'd have brought my A-game and actually posted....