Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yesterday I received a package, it was from Woot! My bag of crap had arrived. Now let me tell you a story for those of you that are uninformed on the ways of woot, and why a bag of crap is something to be excited about. Woot.com is a website that sells one product a day, the quantities are limited so they go fast if the deal is good. On certain days Woot has a wootoff where they place another item for sale after the previous one is sold out. This goes on for a day or two. During this time there are many people hitting F5 on their keys boards hoping to get lucky. Lucky for what? Well, sometimes Woot places a bag of crap up to sell, they cost $1 and the supplies are very limited. In this bag of crap you get a random assortment of thing that were lying around the Woot warehouses, but in a few special bags they place very valuable items, sometime even HDTVs.
Well a couple days ago I noticed that Woot was having a wootoff. So I kept taps on it throughout the day. When I was in Help Lab I hit refresh and lo-and-behold a Random bag of Crap appeared for sale, I had even forgot that woot did that, and I delayed for a second, but then I remembered how rare they were and quickly bought 3 (the max a person can buy). So including $5 shipping I had my $8 Bags of Craps shipped out.

Yesterday the UPS man delivered my 'bags' of crap, but it is more like a box of crap.

The first thing I pulled out was a gel pen, it looked like it had been in somebody's desk, but it worked fine, so that is one useful thing.

The next thing we got was the obligatory camera bag (woot almost always includes a camera bag in their bags of crap.) It is a good bag, but I don't really know what I am going to do with it, I don't really have a need for a camera bag.

After the camera bag I pulled out a "priority puck" which is just a small paper organizer. From what I can tell it was new, and Nicole has placed some recipes and bills it in, so I guess that makes another useful item.

Our big item turned out to be a Virgin portable CD player. The first thing to notice is the wonderful packaging job that they did with this thing. It was wrapped many times in clear tape. This gave me reason to doubt the working order of the CD player. After doing minor surgery I was able to free the player of it's sticky prison and also drag out it's headphones. When we put batteries into the player I was pleased to find that it worked, and the headphones worked too, although they probably will not get much use since I don't like the idea of sticking something in my ear that might have been in someone else's. (Examining the bottom of the CD box I found that this item had been returned to Target at some point, so the chances that someone else's ear goo is on the headphones is fairly high). So is the CD player useful? Yes it is. Recently I had gone to Walmart to buy one for the car but they were all to expensive, so this $1 CD player will fit just nicely into my acceptable price range. A-boo-yeah!

Finally as a was picking up the many sheets of bubble wrap that they placed in the box another gel pen fell out.

Tghe gel pen worked so I got yet another useful item. In total for $8 I got two gel pens, a camera bag, a paper holder, and a portable CD Player. I would call that a very good bag of crap.


The Math Ninja said...

Yay Crap! It was a fun adventure too.

The Gare Bear said...

Woot hoooo!!!