Friday, February 16, 2007


For all of your time wasting needs I present to you SpeedCluster. In Speed Cluster you have a hand that you play on falling cards, you may build the stack up and down using numbers and face cards, like in a standard deck of playing cards. The larger the stack gets by the time it leaves the screen the more points you get. The game starts out slow but before you know it you will be trying to just get some stacks made. This game is quite fun and very addictive. Give it a shot.

I plan to post two more games today, so be sure to come back, but if you can't wait to play more games I have added a link to all of the games that I have posted about, just click the first link in the right sidebar. Enjoy.

p.s. My high score (i.e. Get C.P. at the end of the game) is 1934, and that was on my first try. I have only got close to that once since then. What scores are you getting?


Shanshu said...

Thanks for giving me another addicting game to occupy my time while at work.

My CP: 1436

What can I took me a few minutes to figure out what the hell was going on. Next time I'm sure I'll do better.

Ookami Snow said...