Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 4 Upper Bracket

Oh my today has been very busy, I basically spent the first half of the day preparing for my class that I teach, and after class I had to do everything else that I would normally do. Then when I came home I just fell asleep on the futon. It is a bit delayed but here are the results of round four for the upper bracket.

41. Scrivenings vs. Dust-Slaying: Redux
Scrivenings threw a birthday party for two of his children that had a Tea Party with the Mad Hatter theme, the pictures were awesome and the idea is very cool. Shanshu (Dust-Slaying) decided to take the shotgun approach and had a post called 'Random Monday Wacky'. There were a couple of entertaining things in the post, such as problems that were had making a snowman in Texas during his childhood.
Winner: Dust-Slaying: Redux

42. Just Thoughts vs. Adventures in Kicking People
Janelle (Just Thoughts) had a post about her adventures in San Fransisco, including finding a Bacon wrapped sausage sandwich vendor. However while Janelle was on vacation Sleep Goblin (Kicking People) was hard at work recreating some of the snowmen from the Calvin & Hobbies comic, and they turned out very good. There is just no way I could pass them up (and Janelle had a terrible pun about peeps too, that may have cost it for her. Just kidding, I thought the pun was funny)
Winner:Adventures in Kicking People

43. vs. Writing as jo(e)
Jiggscasey had funny going on, on his side of blogsphere, most notably the comments left on YouTube and the top five spam headlines. But for some reason the couple of posts that jo(e) had stuck a cord with me and I just really liked them, there wasn't even anything really special... a trip down to Atlanta, ritualistic dancing around a fire... OK maybe there was something about the post topics too. But in any case, in what I think as an upset:
Winner:Writing as jo(e)

44. What the Duck? vs. Just Keep Swimming
Madge (What the Duck) has a problem with either an OK brown snake or a very poisonous cottonmouth that keeps on climbing into a nearby tree. I don't know where you are from, but snakes really should not be in trees, even if they aren't poisonous. Heather (Keep Swimming) posted another butt-ugly pic, I won't describe it this time, but it is good for a laugh so go check it out. And also notes that she likes the term 'cat's pajamas', I can't argue with that. But in the end;
Winner:What the Duck?

For some reason Blogger is not giving me the word verification image no matter how many times I reload the comments page, so about half way through I couldn't post comments on blogs that had word verification, which is sad... but made getting through the blogs quicker. Hopefully the problem will be fixed quickly by Blogger.
Alright, the round 4 second chance brackets to come in a day or so.


Spinning Girl said...

go! go! go! go!
(that's me cheering for my peeps)

Shanshu said...


Shanshu is in the FINAL FOUR.

The pressure is on. I'm not sure if I can take it.


Rrramone said...

Dude, how did my blog not make the contest? I'm crushed. ;-)

Kat said...

Yay madge!!!
Booo jiggsy :o( I demand a recount.

Think Frustrated said...

Dude, I would have totally made at least the sweet 16 if I had known I was in a contest. I'm rooting for Shanshu.