Saturday, February 24, 2007

My New Favorite Blog Round Three Pairings

Here are the brackets after two rounds:

The upper bracket:

The second chance bracket:

The brackets overall:
The parings for the thrid round are only for the second chance bracket (the upper bracket gets a round off):
33. Stressful Times for Psyc Girl vs. Sara With No H
34. "Brevity is... wit." vs. A Gentleman's C
35. Leisure Pursuit vs. Whole Lotta Trouble
36. Jeremy Freese's Weblog vs. Legally Blonde
37. Sniper Kitty vs. Gimchi
38. I Think, Therefore I am Frustrated. vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
39. Shrinkykitten vs. Phantom Scribbler
40. The Lost Scribblings Of A Virtual Gypsy vs. Everybody Knows


Elle Woods said...

Made it past the first round!

The Gare Bear said...

Tell elle woods "Legally Blonde" that I liked her 9 rules for dating. Seemed reasonable enough for me. This competition of yours is very interesting -- very useful.

jiggs said...

jeremy freese can suck my balls! booyah!!!!111!!1!!!!

seriously, though. I hope we win. If it helps, I'll sell you my femur.

Femur?!?! I haven't even met her!

Anamika Anyone said...

I don't wanna give up my femur, but my appendix on the other hand.. ;)

Ookami Snow said...

@gare bear- you can go over to the blog and comment that you like it...

@jiggs- no, i don't really need any more femurs

Kat said...

Yay me!! I'll work hard for the money. Well. Not too hard. cmon' now. I am a mom.

amera hearts said...

i hope jiggs blog wins.

they make me laugh everyday!

does that make me partial?!?!?!