Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My New Favorite Blog Pairings 7-10

Here are four more pairings from the first round. (The last for today)

7. Legally Blonde vs. Sniper Kitty
In a very very close fight Elle (Legally Blonde) brings up a good point about 9 minute snooze buttons on her blog. But Kat (Sniper Kitty) has a wonderful post about different kinds of Barbies that need to be made, it is very funny. This is the closest battle of the day, and I'm going to have to give it to Kat for the shear effort that went into the post. But watch for Elle to battle her way through the second chance brackets and get a shot at being My New Favorite Blog.
Winner:Sniper Kitty

8. Adventures in Kicking People vs. Scared Bunny
In a sleeper pairing Sleep Goblin (Kicking People) posts that the internet is out. while Scared Bunny has no update. Sleep Goblin wins for saying whats up.
Winner:Adventures in Kicking People

9. Jiggscasey.com vs. Accident Prone
Here is a problem. On one hand we have fun on the other we have serious talk, how do I choose which one is better? Let's see what the topics are: Jiggcasey posted a video where he and a couple of people smash pennies, limes and marshmallows. It is, as he puts it, an explosion of fun. Meanwhile Mariam (Accident Prone) has a thought provoking post about the necessity of Jessica's Law in all states (check her blog our for more details). It is a tough choice but I have to go with smashy.

10. Gimchi vs. Jeremy Freese's Weblog
The last pairing for the day is easy, Kimberlina (Gimchi) did not update, while Jeremy introduced me to the word Googlestalking.
Winner: Jeremy Freese's Weblog


elizabeth said...

Sniper Kitty, hands down...

Kat said...

Wow! Thanks :o)
...but...I am too honest...I did not make up the barbie post...it was mailed to me by a friend. Shit. I just gave up my chance at fame and riches didn't I?

Heather B said...

I can not wait to see where I end up :)

Thanks for liking me ... enough to make it this far!

Shanshu said...

I just like the name of "Adventures in Kicking People". I haven't even clicked the link, yet. I just had to comment on the name because it made me laugh.