Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My New Favorite Blog Rest of the first round.

After the first round the upper bracket looks like this.
The second chance bracket looks like this.
And over all the competion looks like this. (To be posted soon)

11. Conglomerate vs. Leisure Pursuit
Conglomerate talks of the position of Ford back in the 1919's versus the position it is in now. He refers to things in term of how the company relates to the stalk holders. I just find it interesting how similar the position Ford was in back then is where Google is now. On Valerie's blog (Leisure Pursuit) she is pleased to find that kids actually want to go into Barnes and Noble and are throwing tantrums when they can't go. In the end I found Valerie's blog to be more to my liking.
Winner: Leisure Pursuit

12. Writing as jo(e) vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
Jo(e) has a couple of nice pics up of a snow pile and huge icesicles. She also talks about how a company hires poor college students to remove snow of a dome building with a fire hose in the middle of the night with gale force winds -with no harnesses. Eeep! Nina (The Other Side) notes that she is happy that things are taking a turn for the warmer. Which thankfully it has been lately. But fire hose snow removal story wins.
Winner: Writing as jo(e)

13. Phantom Scribbler vs. What the Duck?
This one was a toughie. Mama (Phantom Scribbler) has many funny stories about her toddler, such as how she likes bananas and how she likes bread, but will not touch banana bread. My favorite quote from the blog "Dis is my friend, Belly Button." Madge (What the Duck?) posted a nice series of photos from a canoe trip, and I learned something, there are speed limit signs posts on some rivers. She also talks about how she made pizza and tried to punch the dough but misses and hurt her hand badly. Geez, this is a hard decision, but the canoe pictures turned out really good, so I'll go with Madge.
Winner: What the Duck?

14. Thoughts of a Crazy Redhead vs. "Brevity is... wit."
Red talks about how she is stuck between (romantically, and completely figuratively) a current love and a past one. It is a hard decision to make, although she might have a huge problem if she was litterally caught in the middle of the two. Neel (Brevity) took the other road with his post and made up the Presidential All-Star basketball game line up in honor of President's Day. I am not a fan of basketball, but that is some funny stuff.
Winner: "Brevity is... wit."

15. Stressful Times for Psyc Girl vs. Everybody Knows
Psyc Girl had many many musings on her blog. One of which was why are so many people from Kansas visiting her blog all of a sudden. This made me smile. Kathy (Everybody Knows) told the story about a call center in India and a 'Ring of Death' in an XBOX 360. Ha ha (<--joke, check her blog.) I am going to have to go with the random thoughts of Psyc Girl though in this one.

16. Ph.d. Ladybug vs. Just Keep Swimming
Ladybug tries to throw out a show stopper with pictures of cancerous moles. Then follows it up with questions about keeping her job. It does not fool me, I can see her spots for the ladybug she truly is. Heather (Keep Swimming) though tries to bribe me (not personally) with an invite down to Long Beach, California. I have to turn it down though on an account of the state just is too pink for my tastes in the pic that she posted.
Winner: Just Keep Swimming

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Valerie said...

Hey, I'm so pleased that you stopped by and am excited by this competition. I'll keep checking back for progress. Have fun reading!