Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My New Favorite Blog pairings 4-6.

This set was a bit easier than the last since there was one blog that didn't get updated in each paring.

4. O.Kay. vs. Shrinkykitten
Kay didn't update her blog. While Shrinkykitten has to deal with jobs, money, and a really really big doll house from the past.
Winner: Shrinkykitten

5. Just Thoughts vs. Whole Lotta Trouble
Janelle (Just Thoughts) ponders why she didn't trade her sister for a video game, why she isn't searching for a trophy husband, and where you can find t-shirts about such matters. Callie (Whole Lotta Trouble) did not update.
Winner: Just Thoughts

6. As told to (your name here) vs. I Think, Therefore I am Frustrated.
Tinyhands (As told to) hand no new news. While on the I Think blog a good point is raised (ahem) about the ironic side effects of anti-balding medicine. For him it is not a tough choice, as he chooses to lose his hair and keep other things working properly.
Winner:I Think, Therefore I am Frustrated.

Look for 3 more parings later today.


Shanshu said...

oh, WEAK! I lost the pairing, even though my opponent didn't update???


This is because KU beast K-State last night, isn't it?


Shanshu said...

I meant to say *BEAT*