Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 4 Pairings

Here are the brackets after three rounds (only 16 blogs left). First the upper bracket:

And the second chance bracket:

And the whole shebang:

The upper bracket parings are (Which I will do tomorrow):
41. Scrivenings vs. Dust-Slaying: Redux
42. Just Thoughts vs. Adventures in Kicking People
43. Jiggscasey.com vs. Writing as jo(e)
44. What the Duck? vs. Just Keep Swimming

The second chance pairings are (Which I will get to in a couple of days):
45. Sara With No H vs. "Brevity is... wit."
46. Leisure Pursuit vs. Legally Blonde
47. Sniper Kitty vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
48. Phantom Scribbler vs. Everybody Knows


Elle Woods said...

This is so high pressure, when do I have to have a good post up by?

PS-if it helps my odd, I was a stats minor in college.

Ookami Snow said...

You can post whenever you want, I read all the posts that are new since the last time I checked, so it doesn't matter when you post things, just as long as it is up by the time I check 'em.

That is fun that you have a stats minor, has it helped much in the "real world"?

Valerie said...

Hey, I was a math major--i had to take statistics....does that count? :)

jiggs said...

I am eagerly awaiting the next round of battle. Check out this post on the matter

Elle Woods said...

Shockingly, no the stats minor did not help me. I don't even think it helped me get into law school-not like that counts as the real world or anything.

Shanshu said...

Ohhhhhhhh the bracket is getting smaller and smaller!

I'm not sure if I can take the pressure!

Good thing I updated today!