Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My New Favorite Blog Pairings 1-3.

I didn't know that finding my new favorite blog would be so hard. It is hard to decide between two great blogs as to one that I like better, and it is even harder because many of the blogs that I look at are way better than mine. So it makes my choice even harder because I would probably lose right away in my own competition. But alas the games must go on, so go on I must.

I have decided to do the blog reviews in sizable chunks of a couple of parings at a time. So here are the first three parings in the first ever My New Favorite Blog contest:

1. The Lost Scribblings Of A Virtual Gypsy vs. Sara With No H
Both of these blogs had some very good posts. Anamika (Virtual Gypsy) talked about Billy Joel and her(?) crazy family, but to get the music clips to work I had to open up the blog in IE instead of using my normal Firefox. This my just be my computer, but the Plugins wouldn't download. Sara's blog reminded me of my fear of falling into a frozen lake. For me walking on a frozen lake just isn't a good idea since it doesn't always get cold enough to freeze up a lake properly here, so I just try to avoid walking on things that I can't in the summer all together. The decision between the two blogs is a tough one, but having my officemate come into the office this morning while I had "We Didn't Start the Fire" blaring on my laptop, was awesome.
Winner: The Lost Scribblings Of A Virtual Gypsy

2.Crabcake's Cowpie Field vs. Scrivenings
Haint (Crabcake's) blogged about how she has had panic attacks and that she has a fear of dieing in some embarrassing place. And then people comment about her attire while she lay there. Things were going good in the blog post until she said that she is going to stop blogging so that she can focus on other things. So that's that. Scrivenings comes out with a offering of pictures, they are of his daughter(?), and they are cute. The more I look at this picture the more I smile (the chewed carrots always get me.)
Winner: Scrivenings

3. Dust-Slaying: Redux vs. A Gentleman's C
Shanshu (Dust-Slaying) has a problem with Amazon delivering a Far Side Calender. The problem -it will take two months to deliver it. Not only that he lives in the same state as the distribution center. Apparently Far Side Calenders can only be delivered by hand, by a monk, that walks very very slowly. Angry Professor (A Gentleman's C) unfortunately didn't update his blog recently, which is too bad because his last post was enjoyable.
Winner: Dust-Slaying: Redux (Sorry for the wrong link Shanshu)

So there you have it, I will get on another batch shortly. It takes about 15 minutes to do each pairing, so it looks like I will get to spend some quality time on the computer over the next couple of days (weeks, months...).


Haint Crabby said...

Hi, Ookami!

Thanks for the visit and the write up!
I may not be so down and out as I thought. Things are looking much better in the health department. So I could be back lots faster than I planned.

I'm workin on a plan. (which doesn't always mean trouble, honest)

Shanshu said...

I SO deserve a another chance.

At least I update daily.


Shanshu said...

Whoo-hoo! The re-count has yielded positive results...Shanshu is back in the game!

*happy dance*

Anamika Anyone said...

(sprained my ankle.Ouch.)

But Yayyyyyee!

P.S: Sorry about the "IE delay", but cheers for the "fire I started in your office". :)

Sara said...

Darn! I didn't even pull out my good posts!

Oh well, I lost to a worthy opponent.

Scrivener said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's kind of an odd competition, but an interesting one. Will keep an eye on it...