Thursday, February 01, 2007

Meet my homie

We share a bond, a bond that only people that were a Sears POW (Prisoner of What-the- heck-is- taking-so- long) share. We talked about things, important things, like K-State basketball, and Village Inn (yeah he had a knack for choosing topics that I wouldn't talk about.) He also mentioned tests that were ran on him earlier in the day, but I felt that I did not need to ask for details. But I do not complain about his companionship. No, for he was my brother in the prison of the Sears Tire center waiting area. At first my sentence was to be 45 minutes, but they kept extending my sentence for no reason. And when I was finally free after three hours he wished me well. I hope that he was able to escape the prison at some time, but he had a much harsher sentence, he had new tires AND an alignment. I knew of many people that died in Sears prison when they are sentenced to a tire alignment. I would really appreciate it if you would have a personal five minutes of silence for his brave soul. He is more of a man than I.

Godspeed Village Inn and Basketball guy, I hope you found your way home.


The Gare Bear said...

Should we perhaps venture to Fort Riley and borrow one of their Special Forces units to go rescue the poor guy. From the looks of this photo, he could already have died a prisoner.

Tuba Queen said...

Shannon..........thats all I have to say. :)

Irene said...

you are too funny. You have a 'interesting' way of getting your point across. You made me laugh not just because it was funny but because I remember my incarseration. They have these facilities all over. My sentence was served in Garden City. I wanted to cry since even the coffee they told me I could help myself to was cold, smelly and had a mud like consistency. So I even had to starve. Alas, Now I always make sure I leave before they show me the cell, and I wont come back until they call, even though once they tricked me and I still had to serve a sentence of 90 minutes AFTER the phone call it was done.