Friday, June 03, 2005

Aggieville business owners oppose cell tower

The Manhattan Mercury (article)

Aggieville property and business owners say they've spent good money building up their properties, and they can't believe that anyone is even considering putting a 120-foot-tall cell phone tower behind Gambino's Pizza. From their standpoint, the bottom line is that the thing is ugly.

I agree with the business owners that putting a cell tower down in Aggieville is a bad idea. And I also agree with them that it would just make the traffic situation worse. I don't really know what a good solution would be (since there are some gaps in cell phone coverage), but a tower in Aggieville is not acceptable.


hockeyfrog said...

Just fyi, I had nothing to do with that. They've been working on that prior to me getting hired :D

On one hand, I can understand why they NEED another tower. However the other hand in my head is saying "hi, idiots, you're merging with Alltel soon.. why bother? Alltel has service in Aggieville." (they don't in the stacks or basement of Hale Library though)

And then the thought of all the drunk people climbing on the chainlink turning into barbed wire fence made me giggle.

Aaron Brown said...

Do these engineers also realize that when you place a tower you also have a cone area underneath the surrounding vacinity where you get no reception (atleast from this tower)?? I mean I may not have a degree in cell-phones at all, but I know that's how it works w/radio (police radios, AM/FM radio) towers (I'd assume it's the same w/cell, I could be wrong, but you'd assume radio towers & cellphone towers work the same). Also I don't know how big this no reception area is, but it does exist.

That's why KSU PD has their towers for the radio centralized on the roof of Ackert, vs elsewhere.

Also the drunks possibly hurting themselves would be fairly ammusing to watch. :)

PS - Posted 'remotly' from Chris' house.