Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The only thing of note that I have done today is play disc golf on campus. No really, that is what we are doing here. Actually we are tiring to get Chris' disc out of the very very spiky bushes that they have on campus. It kinda sucked, but I bet it sucked even more for Chris. ^_^

Project BSE points over the last couple days:
Saw Star Wars Ep. III again: +150
Visited a friend more that 50 miles away: +500
Eat at Runza: +50
Eat at Qdoba: +50
Eat at Free State: +100
BSE point total so far: 3450

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Jason Manheim said...

YES!! I havn't played a game of disc Golf in ages. It's pretty popular up north but since I moved back to Cali....nobody's heard of it. Good times.
Hey thanks for stopping by Ookami.