Friday, May 27, 2005

7up offers suborbital space trip (article)

When SpaceShipOne won the Ansari X Prize last October, the marketers behind the Diet 7UP soft drink said they would give away the "first free ticket to space" — and this week, the contest has begun.
The grand prize is a suborbital trip to the fringe of space, on a yet-to-be-flown craft that's based on SpaceShipOne technology. Why SpaceShipOne? Because the giveaway deal is being put together through the auspices of the X Prize Foundation.
"One of the rules that the [X Prize] teams signed onto in their master team agreement was that the X Prize Foundation would have access to some of the early seats at the going ticket price," Peter Diamandis, the foundation's chairman, explained.

Is this really a prize? Did you watch the documentaries about SpaceShipOne? They looked very surprised that no one was killed doing it, and so even if I win this contest, I think I’ll be giving the prize to my enemies rather than my friends.

And enemies, if you are reading, I still don't like you.

Link to 7up's page about the contest.

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