Friday, May 20, 2005

Lake disappears, baffling villagers

Yahoo! News (article)

A Russian village was left baffled Thursday after its lake disappeared overnight.

NTV television showed pictures of a giant muddy hole bathed in summer sun, while fishermen from the village of Bolotnikovo looked on disconsolately.

"It is very dangerous. If a person had been in this disaster, he would have had almost no chance of survival. The trees flew downwards, under the ground," said Dmitry Zaitsev, a local Emergencies Ministry official interviewed by the channel.

Officials in Nizhegorodskaya region, on the Volga river east of Moscow, said water in the lake might have been sucked down into an underground water-course or cave system, but some villagers had more sinister explanations.

"I am thinking, well, America has finally got to us," said one old woman, as she sat on the ground outside her house.

What? I mean what? Ummm...what?
First off this is strange and all... but "America has finally got to us"? What does that mean? Do people really think like that? What is going on? Do peasants in other countries think that we are some sort of evil God-like country that zaps lakes for fun? I really hope that this kind of thinking isn’t widespread, or my feeling that the US is superior to the rest of the world may be on good footing.
Just kidding UK, Canada, Japan, Aussieland, and to some extent Mexico, you’re all cool.


j00|{z said...

I've seen that headline somewhere and that is really wierd. "America's finally got to us?" that's sick. Why do they put the blame on us if we hadn't had any problems with them in the last 5 years? That is, we don't do we? I mean, we have all this technology, but were better than sucking up some lake in a foreign country. It's so stupid.

The Math Ninja said...

crazy Russians. Of course we did it!

That is kinda scary if you think about it, that people know little enough to think that a country, any country, would "take" a lake. Insane. Insane.

The Math Ninja said...

Now that's crazy, we posted at the same time!