Friday, May 27, 2005

Coffeeshop Turns off Wi-Fi on Weekends

Wi-Fi Networking News (article)

Worse than just the sheer number of laptop users, Strongin noted, is that many of these patrons will camp six to eight hours—and not buy anything. This seemed astounding to me, but she said that it was typical, not unusual. The staff doesn’t want to have to enforce the cafe’s unspoken policy of making a purchase to use the space (and the Wi-Fi), and on the occasions that they approach a non-buyer about a purchase asking, “Can I get you a beverage?” the squatter often becomes defensive, explains they’ve bought a lot in the past or just the day before.

They say that now that they have turned off the wireless on the weekends that are making much better profits on the weekends. I think that it is good to get back to your roots, especially when you'll make more money. But the shop should have been a little bit more forceful with the people that don't buy anything, I mean this is a capitalistic society, do the squatters really except the shop to give the wi-fi for free?

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hockeyfrog said...

That is an interesting point. When McD's started offering certain locations with hot spots, to get access you'd have to purchase food first. In fact they had a promotion of if you bought a Big Mac, you'd get an hour for free or so. Kind of an interesting deal if you ask me. However I'm not sure the McD's hot spots went over well... I haven't heard about those in about a year now.