Monday, May 30, 2005

The worst thing about having a camera that I take around with me is that I get back logged on pictures I want to post, and when that happens my will to post goes down, and then I get even more backlogged on pictures. So, I will try to get caught back up before I head off to Newgen�s tomorrow.

First up is a pic from playing disc golf on campus from last Thursday. Earlier in the week we (Chris, Aaron, and I) devised some knew holes on the campus golf course because the last couple of holes suck. One of the new holes we made was along the library. Next to the library they built a pretty deep hole for fire evacuations from the basement. Anyways, on Thursday Aaron was the lucky winner of a trip down into the moat. I think it actually didn�t turn out too bad for him. (Or at least in the next hole he got 2, which is very good.)

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