Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mission #3 Completed!

Project: Best Summer Ever: Mission #3: See Star Wars Episode III. (350pts)

With minutes to spare (until 9pm) I got into the line for the third Star Wars movie. Already in line was Jenette, Chris Amber and Aaron, and soon to join was Rzan, Steph, Davin, Katie, Matt Baker, and Annie. We ended up fairly close to the front of the line, say 100th or so, and by the time the they let us into the theatre there had to been at least 400 people in line. (Jenette has pics of the end of the line, maybe she will share them.) Since we got into the line fairly early we were able to get a good seat for the movie. So how was it? Check out the next post... or I guess you might have already read the review if you read this after my post about the movie... anyways +350 points of the Best Summer Ever for today.

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