Wednesday, May 18, 2005

G4 coverage of E3 reviewed by M3 <---(me)

Well I just got done watching G4's coverage of E3. And this is what I have to say; Xbox 360, you have to do something soon or you are already dead. Seriously.

After watching the game previews for Xbox 360 and for PS3, the Xbox pales in comparison. The PS3 games look great, while the Xbox 360 stuff looks like Xbox games now. They are hardly comparable.

Now Sony claims that they were all in-game footage, which to me seems doubtful, but if they are Xbox still needs to claim that they are not to save some face. Because it really looks like the PS3 is going to blow the Xbox 360 out of the water.

So, needless to say I am gonna buy a Play Station 3 as soon as it comes out. And have two HD TV's on hand... some how...

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