Monday, May 30, 2005

Also, another thing that sucks about waiting to post the pics for a while is that I forget the reason why I took a lot of pictures... I guess I will skip forward in my last couple days review to yesterday night.
Last night before some of us watched Return of the Jedi over at my house we went off to Dara�s to grab some slushies. I just wanted to post this picture to show that Jenette had some problems with her Mt.Dew slushie.

While Star Wars was on TV Chris and I played a game of Warhammer. It ended up that my Tomb Kings stomped all over his Lizardmen... but I forgot about some rules dealing with charging while playing and it lead to me killing a couple of his units. I don�t think it would have changed the outcome of the game if I had remembered them, but he defiantly would not have lost so badly.

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