Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Lunch in Pictures (again) -or- Will I Ever Learn?

Well when I bought the Mandarin Broccoli noodles I also bought some Sesame Miso noodles as well. I was kinda getting hungry around lunch time, so I thought to myself “you know the Mandarin Broccoli noodles couldn’t have been that bad... maybe it was just a bad flavor, I’ll give the Sesame Miso noodles a try.” So without regards to my previous warnings, I went ahead and made it for lunch.

After pouring the hot water into the cup I let it sit for a couple of minutes like you are supposed to. This time I was rewarded with good smells, well actually it just smelled like normal ramen, but compared to last time it smelt great. So after waiting for the noodles to rehydrate I opened it up.

“Screw that!” I said out loud, as I saw the top of the noodles covered with blue (!?!) chunks of something. It wasn’t mold, and as far as I can tell they were meant to be in there.
If there is one thing I have learned about food it is that blue is not a color any natural food. Red, yes. Purple, eh sometimes. Blue, no. There was no way I was going to eat that stuff. So what did I have for lunch?

That’s right, frozen leftover Pizza Hut pizza, yeah baby! There aren’t any blue chunks in that stuff.


hockeyfrog said...

Miso... is fish, yes? I'd guess that its some fish... product. But with it being a vegan product (I looked it up on the website for it)... the "miso powder" it has is made of soybeans, rice and salt. Nothing on the list would normally be a blue color. Unless "Natural Flavors" include something blue. Or maybe Xanthan Gum is blue. *shrugs*

Ookami Snow said...

The best explanation that i can think of is that they are either red onions or red cabbage... either way the proper color for it should be red, not blue.

Aaron Brown said...

Blue in your food? I agree with the general verdict of "screw that", especially with how your last run in of your product went :)

Big Red Lance said...

Dude, if you eat the blue stuff and die, then there'll be no one left to keep score on the Best Summer Ever.

I still woulda tried the blue stuff.