Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My lunch in pictures:

Mandarin Broccoli noodles, that sounded like a fine lunch. I got it from Dillion’s a while back and I had just remembered that we had them. I noticed that the name of the brand was Fantastic. “dude” I thought to myself “this is gonna be the best lunch ever!”

After making the noodles, I was a bit let down... it kinda looked gross, and they didn’t smell all that good. But I was again reassured by the brand name of Fantastic, so with great hopes I started to eat.

And that’s where they belong. They are NOT Fantastic, they are not even good. If I was naming the company I would name it Eh at best, or maybe Crap-In-A-Bowl. If you liked the taste of overwhelming old cooked broccoli then you would love this, but alas I do not. So I would avoid this, unless you feel your trash is too empty.

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