Monday, May 30, 2005

So guess what Burger King, Star Wars, and has done? Well if you looked at the screen shot above I bet you can already guess. ^_^!

Thanks; Here's Your Burger, Good Delicious! For the link.

Also, since the Star Wars 20q is so cool that I'll tell you now (I want this post to stay the top post) that I will be heading up to Newgen's tomorrow, I'll be brining my laptop, so I may be able to post once or twice while up there, if I can get the wifi card to work in it... And if I don't post up there I'll post when I get back. Also, I will update Project:BSE when I get back, so make sure you get your completed missions posted by Tuesday.


SoB said...

thanks for linking back to g-d
cool blog by the way, will check on it regularly.


ps: you're right 20q does rock, it's sometimes really scary as well cos it gets too many things right :)

Peach said...

Darth Vader 20 questions? Very cool. He even guessed lip gloss!