Friday, May 13, 2005

How to simplify your life in 2005

Sound Money Tips (blargticle)

Tip 3: Make sure you're not always-on. If you have a cell phone, pager or mobile email device, make sure you switch it off for a portion of each day. You don't need to be "always on". In particular, turn off electronic devices when you are with family members.

I am all about simplifying my life. So here are 5 tips to simplify life. The only one that I don't agree with totally is tip 5 that says to cancel Cable TV and get a movie subscription service. They reason they say to do it is so that you are in control of what you watch.... but as long as you don't just sit down in front of the TV and see what is on, you will never be tricked into watching something. How do you avoid watching pointless shows? Before you turn on the TV check on TitianTV to see if anything good is on, if not don't bother turning on the TV.

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