Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bit 'o Garden City News.

Holcomb agrees to negotiate

Holcomb city councilmen Wednesday moved a step closer to having Garden City take over fire services in Holcomb.
The council agreed to enter into contract negotiations with Garden City after talking with Fire Chief Allen Shelton at the meeting. Shelton proposed Holcomb pay $47,148 to the Garden City Fire Department, which includes $36,748 for salaries of two full-time firefighters to staff the Holcomb Fire Station and $10,400 for administrative services, fuel and the additional work.

Holcomb takes one step closer to being an official suburb of Garden. Come, come, Holcomb, you will like being our suburb. :)

Twisters do little damage

Jones said spotters saw a funnel cloud form about six miles southwest of Garden City that did not touch down, followed by a second one that did touch down about four miles southwest of the city. Warning sirens were sounded both times at 10:24 and 10:31 Wednesday night.
Mark Robinson of Toronto said he came down on vacation time to check out the storms with others from New York and Florida and saw others from locations as varied as Oklahoma to England.
"I think every other chaser in the world was in Garden City last night," he said.

One thing that I don't like about Manhattan is that it takes too long to get out to a spot where you can see the horizon, so when there are possibilities for tornadoes I have almost a closterphobic feeling. I just want to see what in the storm is moving where. That is why I think it would be hard for me to move somewhere where there are alot of trees. I really like storms, and it bothers me when I can not see what they are doing.


hockeyfrog said...

You live on the wrong side of town.. it is just a few minute drive either north or south on K-177 or 24 for me and you can see tons... you should move! :-p

Ookami Snow said...

And be in the constant mercy of the dam? Never!

hockeyfrog said...

The dam doesn't scare me... it had a 4 ft crack in it last year and the talking sirents never went off...

Given I get a job, 3 months from now I'll be living elsewhere anyway and probably not in the floodway :D