Thursday, May 19, 2005

Give Your DVD Player the Finger

Wired News (article)

Researchers in Los Angeles are developing a new form of piracy protection for DVDs that could make common practices like loaning a movie to a friend impossible.
Here's how the system might work:
At the store, someone buying a new DVD would have to provide a password or some kind of biometric data, like a fingerprint or iris scan, which would be added to the DVD's RFID tag.
Then, when the DVD was popped into a specially equipped DVD player, the viewer would be required to re-enter his or her password or fingerprint. The system would require consumers to buy new DVD players with RFID readers.
Gadh said his research group is trying to address the problem of piracy for the movie industry.

Yeah, this is a good idea... because If they were to do this, it would free up more money for me to buy PS3 stuff rather than movies. Despite what movie studios think, I do not have to buy their stuff, and if they want to make their crappy DVDs, go ahead, I can spend my money in other places.

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hockeyfrog said...

Every movie rental company in the world will not go for this. And I think most everyone else in the world will not go for this.

Silly MPAA.