Tuesday, May 24, 2005

penalty stroke?

Yesterday (Sunday), by the time I woke up it was about 1, which was when the campaign down at Patch and Crow’s Nest starts. So Nicole and I gathered up our miniatures and trotted on down there to go see how things were going to shape up. Ray (another Stat guy) is running the campaign and there are a total of six players playing in it. He split all the players into teams and so Nicole and I are on the same team. The first part of the afternoon we made our army lists, and worked out our territories on the campaign map. The second half of the afternoon Nicole and I played against two other guys, whose names I can’t remember at the time. Nicole and I ended up winning the game although both of our armies were routed. A fun time was had by all. It looks like Ray is really happy to have everyone turn out for the campaign that he is doing, and I hope that Jenette and Chris can get enough miniatures painted to join in.

For the rest of yesterday Nicole and I went shopping and made dinner. Sleep soon followed. Today has seen me wake up at six with Nicole, play some Sims2, then completely crash until Nicole got home from school. Then we ate some dinner, and I went off with Aaron, Chris and Jenette to go play some Frisbee golf around campus. Nicole stayed home to work on grading. Nothing too exciting happened while playing Frisbee golf.

Oh yeah, besides me throwing my disc onto Anderson (One of the biggest roads in Manhattan). Luckily after a bit there was a break in the traffic where I could run out to throw the disc from there (I’m not gonna take a penalty stroke unless I absolutely need to). I got a five on the hole, which was one of the worst scores I got all night, but I think it could have been worse. (Thanks Aaron for taking the pic.)
After we made our way through the course I came home and I have been playing on the computer ever since.

I like the summer.

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