Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, Reviewed

I will try to review the movie without giving too much away. So where do I start? How about this: the movie rocked. It did not spend it’s time fumbling around with badly written dialogue, like the first two movies had done, every thing seemed quick and to the point. It’s not to say that there weren’t some awkward lines but they were few and far between. Another huge plus was, I think, only one line that Jar-Jar had. The less you see of him the better. I was very glad to see that Anakin’s switch to the dark side, was clear cut, and by the end of the movie there is little love left for him, this makes the transition to the original three movies the have the same feeling as before, were we still go into Episode IV (A New Hope) not liking Vader at all.
Likewise, the movie did a very good job of tying up all the links from the first three movies and the original three movies, and at the moment I can not think of anything that they left out. Well, I guess the one big hole they did leave is talk about a rebellion, but that is really out of the time frame of this movie. And what is good about leaving that alone is that it gives Lucas and Co. the hole they need to make a TV series like there has been talk about.
All in all, this movie was a very satisfying close to the Star Wars movies. I had no shred of disappointment after leaving the movie, as I had after the first two. Granted having two movies to basically set up for this one to hit a homerun makes it a bit easier to make a good third move, but none-the-less it really was good.
Thank you George Lucas for saving the Star Wars franchise with this last movie.

(The pic above is a scene from the movie.... or two guys having a light saber duel in the parking lot while waiting to get into the movie... you can decide which one it really is.)

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