Friday, May 20, 2005

The Love of Little Pickles

I just read through a very good blog called The Love of Little Pickles. She has a good sense of humor, for example:

I bought an apple slicer so that I can save the energy required to physically slice apples for more imperative tasks, such as crossword puzzles, or napping. The dilemma with this is that the slicer needs to be washed after use and now that I've been spoiled, I can't go back to a life where I was forced to eat uncut apples. So then the slicer sits in the sink for weeks while I wait for the Enchanted Dish Fairy to clean it for me, and my apples go to waste.
Why don't I just slice the apples myself whilst I wait for the slicer to be cleaned? Don't be IMPRACTICAL! Cut the apples MYSELF? Why do you think I BOUGHT the slicer?
The profundity of my laziness amazes me sometimes.

I will be checking up on this blog frequently, and it may even appear on the side bar. (Crazy, I know.)

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Peach said...

Awwww....I feel so loved! Thank you for the shout out - I really appreciate it!