Monday, May 02, 2005

APFL standings (week 2)

Team W L PF PA
Kansas Koyotes 2 0 80 39
Iowa Blackhawks 1 0 40 35
Missouri Minutemen 1 1 104 77
Nebraska Bears 1 1 92 80
Wichita Aviators 0 2 41 79
Overland Park Storm 0 1 18 65

Games next week:
Kansas Koyotes at Iowa Blackhawks
Missouri Minutemen at Nebraska Bears

Week 2 thoughts: The Koyotes are looking like the hands down best team again. The race is really for the number two team. In years past the Minutemen had the ‘honor’ of getting the beat down in the championship game, but this year their claim to whipping boy is challenged. The Nebraska Bears look to be the early favorite, with a close loss against the Koyotes in the first week. Iowa Blackhawks look like the other team to have a decent chance at being first loser. The Blackhawks win over Beasley’s Aviators do not look as impressive now, but they will get a good crack at the Koyotes this weekend. The Minutemen look like they are the outside team for getting into the playoffs. (Remember the top three teams get into the playoffs.) They must beat the Aviators, and get at least get two wins from the Blackhawks and Bears throughout this season. One thing we do know for sure: the Koyotes are good.


The Math Ninja said...
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The Math Ninja said...

Its odd that they are as good as they are. But no matter who they play, who they lose, or how they play, they do well. It's crazy. I guess they really are a good team.

Desmond's interception and sack were very fun. :)