Tuesday, May 10, 2005

As is the Tuesday tradition, we all (Me, Cole, Nette, Chris, Aaron, Amber, and Lance) headed on down to BW3 for a night of trivia. The guessing went fine, as I won the mini-six, and Chris barley beat out Aaron for the Showdown. Good times.

After trivia we headed back home, and to my liking the air was nice and warm, and the night was sparkly. To add to the greatness of the night was the fact that I am 98% done with doing school stuff for this semester (just give a final and figure up my classes’ overall grades). Ah summer, I can see you awesome nights, and sleepy days just around the corner.

p.s. I took this picture because Jenette pointed out the sliver moon. See if you can find it in the pic. :)

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