Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Linkin Park Disses Record Label

WPVI.com: (article)

The band claims it has been responsible for ten percent of the label's record sales over the past five years. Linkin Park owes Warner Music four more albums, but the band says they're looking into releasing music over the Internet and it does not plan to deliver a new album to Warner.

Lance and I were talking about P2P, bands, and RIAA today in the office, and we came to the conclusion that the only people that would go out of business if file sharing was encouraged is the RIAA. I would like to add that record labels would also be hurt. But in any case the people that have the talent (i.e. the bands) would not be hurt by file sharing, and in fact many of them would benefit from it. It looks like Linkin Park also realizes this.

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