Monday, May 09, 2005

npr on file sharing and... Jupiter Sunrise (!!)

NPR (audio)

This is an audio story from npr about file sharing and mid-sized bands like Jupiter Sunrise. Some of the Jupiter Sunrise guys are in it, and the clip has a lot of good points about bands using file sharing to promote themselves.

If you are dead against file sharing, or like Jupiter Sunrise ^_^, take five minutes and listen to this.

On a side note, I believe Jupiter Sunrise has got too big for us (As in Manhattan). On their tour dates listed on their MySpace site they are doing St.Louis, KC (May 29th), and Denver, back to back to back. No time for us. :(
Wish ABJ was still around to lure them here (or to Lawrence).
Oh well, its good to see that they are making it.

Small Update: More JS goodness.


hockeyfrog said...

The reason they're playing bigger cities is that they are playing with.. 3-4 other bands on the Now or Never Tour. The entire tour has a MySpace page available with updates from the various bands and whatnot.

What IS funny though is that the El Torreon is smaller than the B'neck (or so I've heard)... but yeah. Plus with them going on Warped Tour (which I find interesting that they were saying this back in November, and then again when they came through in January... and no dates for that have been posted. I haven't heard otherwise that they're not playing. Anyway though they were saying they were trying to play around here since Justin was going to play roadie for them, except that his baby is due right during Warped... so he's backing out to be with his girlfriend and be responsible :D He's so excited!)

Anyway thought that is why the JS guys aren't coming here (well, here being Manhattan even though I'm still typing this in Hays, but they're not playing here either). You can check out the Now or Never tour stuff at

hockeyfrog said...

haha I trailed off mid story. Anyway with Warped Tour they should be playing around the area again, but obviously not in Manhattan. I did get a promise from Ben and Chris they would come back to Manhattan though :D