Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Windows users line up to pay for spyware removal; Mac users surf Web with impunity

MacDailyNews (article)

In reference to Dell's new service to remove spyware for $39 per 'incident':

$39 per incident? Folks, just 33 incidents (achievable in about 9 seconds on a Windows box) equals the cost of a new Apple iMac G5 running Mac OS X. Name for us anything else in history where people clung to the obviously inferior product and paid extra for the privilege of doing so?

So what is Macs awesomely awesome superiority? 3% market share. The only reason the Mac doesn't have more spyware is because hardly anybody uses Mac. So if everybody would switch, then that’s where the spyware would go as well. I don't think you can call 'not being used' as a feature to buy your product...

Really this is why I have been so turned off towards Macs lately. They do not seem to be ahead of the curve, and then they act like pissheads about nobody using it. I think I’ll keep religion out of my computing.

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