Wednesday, May 04, 2005

NCAA approves 12-game season, avoids playoff talk (article)

NCAA football changes:

The board of directors approved proposals on Thursday that would add a 12th game to Division I-A schedules -- starting in 2006.

Besides the 12th game, the NCAA will allow schools to count one victory over a I-AA opponent each year, starting this fall. Previously, schools could count one win every four years.

And smaller football programs, such as those in the Mountain West and Mid-American Conferences, also got good news. The NCAA will now allow schools to qualify for Division I-A if they average 15,000 in paid or actual attendance once every two years.

Some interesting changes, most notably is counting one I-AA game a year toward bowl eligibility. Also the topic of a playoff system was discussed, and the answer was:

But I seriously suggest you take up the tournament situation with the BCS.

Right, like the BCS will fix it...

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